Developer: Connor O.R.T. Linning
Based in: Vancouver, Canada
Development Start Date: June 2016
Website: www.towardsthepantheon.com
Press/Business Contact: connorortlinning@gmail.com
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, SoundcloudInstagram,
IndieDB, Twitch, Google+, Imgur, Pinterest


Towards The Pantheon  is a top down 2D RPG that follows the journey of four unlikely heroes Freyja the warrior, Bam the cat, Mishima the cyborg, and Phenez the ghost. While the game is an RPG, it is primarily influenced by non-RPG games and events from the life of its lead developer Connor O.R.T. Linning. As such, many RPG standards and cliches have been thrown out the window in favor of unique and experimental methods of story telling, gameplay mechanics, and abstract themes.

Development History

Lead developer Connor O.R.T. Linning began planning out his first commercial indie game project throughout 2015 and 2016. This eventually became Towards The Pantheon. Soon afterwards he enlisted his friend Leandro Tokarevski whom he had worked with previously to create all of the pixel artwork for the game as well as Maerel Hibadita to create the anime styled promotional artwork. Soon afterward childhood friend Kyle Mountifield joined to aid in monster designs, and friends and previous colleagues Daniel Tindall, Tyler Rogers, and Nicolas Kaufman joined as additional game designers and playtesters.

Towards The Pantheon was successfully greenlit on Steam in February 2017, and a prequel game Towards The Pantheon: Escaping Eternity was released on Steam, Itch.io, and Gamejolt to overwhelmingly positive reviews in October 2017. As of Novembe 2017, Towards The Pantheon: Escaping Eternity has been downloaded by over 10,000 unique players.

The development of Towards The Pantheon has been shared openly with followers and supports of the project with Connor O.R.T. Linning and Leandro Tokarevski often livestreaming development work on Twitch along with Connor O.R.T. Linning writing development blogs and filming ‘making of’ videos on Youtube. Connor O.R.T. Linning aims to update the game’s social media pages with new content, updates, and screenshots on average twice a day.


Screenshots & Gifs

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Team & Contact

Connor O.R.T. Linning
(Director, Producer, Programmer, Soundtrack Composer, Story Writer, Game & Character & Enemy Designer)
Email: connorortlinning@gmail.com
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitch, Instagram, Bandcamp

Leandro Tokarevski
(Pixel Artist, Character & Enemy Designer, QA)
Facebook, Twitter, Tok Arts Media, Twitch, Youtube

Kyle Mountifield
(Enemy Designer, Additional Game Designer, QA)

Maerel Hibadita
(Promotional Artist)
DeviantArt, Twitter, Instagram

Daniel Tindall
(Additional Game Designer, QA)
Twitter, Instagram, Twitch

Tyler Rogers
(Additional Game Designer, QA)
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+

Nicolas Kaufman
(Additional Game Designer, QA)