• Freyja is a young warrior who has yet to find her self confidence and as a result she has yet to say a word in her life. She is loved by her kin for her passion, dedication, and warm heart. Freyja has been chosen by her elder Wuotan to journey towards The Pantheon and defeat the source of The Sworn Light. Her years of training and hard work can be seen in her impressive melee attack abilities. Freyja‘s battle system uses Health Points (HP) and Stamina Points (SP). Health Points represent her ability to continue fighting. When Freyja‘s HP falls to zero, she will faint and become unable to battle. When Freyja attacks she uses her Stamina Points. Stamina Points are regenerated at the start of every new turn and can be recovered by using Card Combos or items such as Coffee.


  • Bam is a cat who longs for adventure outside of his university studies. He is known around his town for his whimsical and comical ways, playing pranks on fellow cats, and always going back to get seconds during breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner… and midnight snacks.  While he has basic attack skills, Bam‘s strength shines through in his ability to heal and cure both himself and his team mates. Bam‘s battle system uses Health Points (HP) and Energy Points (EP). Health Points represent his ability to continue fighting. When Bam‘s HP falls to zero, he will faint and become unable to battle. When Bam attacks or casts a spell, he uses his Energy Points. Energy Points can be recovered by having Bam sleep for a turn, by using items such as Coffee or Catnip, and certain Card Combos.


  • Mishima is a cyborg residing in the outskirts of her cyberpunk society from which she has been ostracized. She has not yet decided whether or not to replace her organic heart with a computer chip and as a result struggles with acceptance from her cyborg peers. Although she can often leave a first impression of being shy and distant, Mishima will open up to the right people when comfortable. Mishima has a cybernetic arm that allows her to hack computers, pick locks, and attack in a variety of deadly ways. Mishima‘s battle system uses Central Processing Unit Points (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit Points (GPU). CPU Points represent Mishima‘s hard drive status and ability to keep fighting. As Mishima‘s CPU Points decrease, her hard drive becomes corrupted and she may accidentally attack her team mates or even herself When her CPU Points fall to zero, she is unable to continue in battle. When Mishima attacks she uses her GPU Points. Just like Graphics Processing Units, Mishima is able to decide how many cores to use when attacking. This means that she can use the same attack on any number of enemies at the same time, but this will make use of more GPU Points. GPU Points can be recovered by using special memory management scripts as well as using Items and Card Combos.


  • Phenez is a ghost from the dark past. He was a part of the army led by legendary warrior Aeternatus, but was unable to fulfill his duties to himself and his people. In his search for redemption and honor, Phenez joins the party and offers his skills in invisibility and dark magic. Phenez‘ battle system uses Necro Points (NP). Necro Points represent his ability to continue fighting. When Phenez‘s NP falls to zero, he will faint and become unable to battle. When Phenez attacks he also uses his Necro Points. This means that his attacks are self destructive, and careful decisions must be made when choosing Phenez‘ attacks. Phenez‘ Necro Points can be replenished by using certain Items and Card Combos.

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